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New Salem Baptist Church originally known as Salem Baptist Church was incorporated in March 1936 under Reverend Halcot Graves with seven members. The charter  members were Mother Susie Scott, Deacon and Sister Edwin Scott, Deacon and Sister  Arthur Webb, and Sister Mary Moss. A building was rented on Nassau Street for services and in June 1936 the church purchased the building and the membership increased to thirty.

In 1946, Reverend Graves was called home and Reverend T.B. Bass was called to be the Pastor. Under Reverend Bass's leadership, the church continued to grow in spirit and in number and the name of the church was changed to New Salem  Baptist Church.


The church property on Nassau Street was needed for a highway, leading the church to  purchase two buildings on High Street. One of the buildings was renovated for the church and the other building was rented out as apartments. Following the resignation of Reverend Bass, Minister  Eddie Douglas carried on the minister's duties until 1955 when Reverend John L. Toler was called to be the Pastor.


Under Reverend Toler's leadership, the membership outgrew the High Street building and in 1959 we purchased our present building. The building was the  Kenny Memorial Hospital of Newark, New Jersey, which was the only Black Hospital in New Jersey. We acquired  the mortgage to the building in 1969. Our membership continued to grow to an all time high and many improvements were made   including an addition to the back of the building in 1985. Reverend Toler was called home to rest in December 1992. We thank God for his leadership.


Minister Eddie Douglas, who was a faithful and constant aide to Reverend Toler, once again   carried on the leadership until February 14, 1993 when he was ordained to  further carry on the minister's duty while we were without a pastor. In November 1994, Reverend Franklin E. Gosnell was called and was installed as pastor on  January 8, 1995. Under Pastor Gosnell's leadership we grew both  spiritually and in number.


Through our outreach programs, which include feeding and clothing of the homeless and ministering to the needs of others have helped to bring lost souls to Christ. In  October 1998 the Church was blessed with the purchase of a parsonage on Meeker Avenue in Newark. We were again blessed through the pledges of our members, and were able to raise the initial funding to purchase the lots to build our future new  church.


In February 2000, after five years of faithful service Reverend Gosnell resigned as pastor. Deacon Leonard Reed; Chairman of  the Board of Deacons, took the reigns of  leadership. His profound knowledge of leadership and of Jesus Christ, and with his spiritual guidance to continue to serve the lord we maintained stability within our church. Realizing the enormity of the many duties of the church requiring a minister in May 2001,  Reverend Daniel Cross was elected as  interim Pastor.


In  August  2001  Reverend John K. White was  called and was Installed as pastor on October  21, 2001.  Pastor White has given us a vision and a hope toward the future. We are looking forward to the challenges of this millennium to go to higher heights and deeper depths under God.


"On Our Knees In Humility and On Our Feet In Unity." It  is with great  hope that we as a church begin to look inward, outward and upward in becoming a more effective church to our commitment's and that is to be faithful disciples and not just  church members.



New Salem Baptist Church is a family oriented, spirit- led church centered in God's word with an intentional emphasis on spiritual development.

Through the vision of our pastor, Reverend John K. White, God is preparing his church for revival and a phenomenal harvest.  Under the anointed leadership of Reverend White, God is taking us to another level. His powerful preaching and teaching has brought about a positive change in the lives of many.

New Salem Baptist Church is committed to evangelizing the lost, edifying the saints and exhaling the Savior. New Salem, like the land in the Bible, is very fertile ground and strives toward making the visionary theme a reality….

"On our knees in humility and on our feet in unity". Philippians 2:1-11

Looking inward, outward and upward concerning ministry is the key to transforming a church in transition towards discipleship. The six paradigms that will help us focus our spiritual development are:

Intentional Spiritual Development

Faith Sharing


Relationship Building

Resource Management

Community Service


Our Mission

We, The New Salem Baptist Church, using the Bible, the complete and authoritative Word of God, will holistically develop people by evangelizing the lost, edifying the Saints and exalting the Savior.

Matthew 16:18; 2 Timothy 3:16- 17 and 2 Corinthians 5:17









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